S=Side; F=Front; B=Back; N=New   •   1=Novice; 2=Seasoned; 3=Advanced
The War of 1812 Battle of Scajaquada Creek Bridge- This battle is the most important to our local area as it was clearly an American victory and took place entirely in the village of Black Rock. On August 3, 1814, British troops attacked American forces under Major L Morgan defending the approach to the bridge at Scajaquada Creek; the British had to cross this as part of their quest to seize stores further south in Buffalo. By disabling the bridge and thwarting British flanking attacks, the Americans were able to stop three major British assaults and force the British to eventually retreat.
By Warren Glover
Prior to the 1890’s, establishment of the Riverside area was primarily a rural retreat from the city. The Black Rock Land Company sold the site of Riverside Park to be included in the Buffalo Park System. Riverside Park was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted in 1898 which boasted a scenic outlook of the Erie Canal and Niagara River. All Saints Church was founded in 1911 and the remainder of the area developed through the 1950’s.
The West Hertel community began its development prior to the turn of the 20th century when the Holland Land Company and other land speculators began to take advantage of the expanding City of Buffalo. The newest neighborhood formed around Smith Road, named after a prominent farmer, that later became known as Hertel Avenue.